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Colour 20 - Elegance Nano Tips

Colour 20 - Elegance Nano Tips

Remi Cachet Nano Tips are the new innovative, game-changing individual extension method that makes big improvements to older, traditional Nano Tip methods. Remi Cachet Nano Tips are developed with the stylist in mind by using a twisted thread tip coated in an adhesive, resulting in making the tip stronger, yet flexible. The adhesive coated thread makes it easier to place them inside the Nano Ring and more durable for the life of the extension, giving you peace of mind.

Remi Cachet Nano Tips are smaller and less detectable than any of our other ring methods. Applied using a Nano Ring, which is coloured to match the root of the hair for a seamless and discreet blend.

25 strands per packDouble Drawn12" - 0.6g Per strand (15g total)16" - 0.7g per strand (17.5g total)20" - 0.8g per strand (20g total)24" - 1g per strand (25g total)

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